Offering haircuts for men and boys of all ages. Visit Barbering by Jeannie for service that goes above and beyond with all the extras you have come to love. **Included in haircuts we trim mustaches, eyebrows, and ears. For a finishing touch we straight razor the side burns and around the neck**


$ 14.00  All haircuts – If you’re looking for a short, traditional style haircut such as a buzzcut, flattop, fade, or military style cut then come try our barber services.

$ 14.00 Hot-towel shave – One of our most popular items. Enjoy the experience of a proper shave at our barber shop. Relax as the hot towel softens your beard, making your shave smoother and less irritating for your skin. The combination of hot lather and a razor allow us to pay extra special attention to detail and leave you looking your best.

$ 5.00  Beard trim 
As a barber we offer customized advice tailored for your beard.
We take into consideration your face shape, hair thickness, waviness and curliness so we can trim or tame your beard so it suits you.

$ 18.00 Haircut w/beard trim