Barber Team

Jeannie Cahill, Master Barber 
Robert Cahill, Barber 

Together we have 25 + years experience as barbers and making our clients the top priority. We are your classic barber shop with old time service you have come to love, now relocated to the “All About You Salon” in Westminster, Md.
This husband and wife team, formerly barbers at Rhotens, are known for their high quality service in a professional and friendly atmosphere. We make it a point to be detailed in our haircuts and we do not compromise quality for speed.  Our ultimate goal is to make our clients look good, feel good and to be happy with the service that they receive.

We Specialize in: regular fade haircuts, Flat tops, Skin Fades (low, medium, high), Hot-towel Face Shaves, Full Head Shaves, Beard Trims and Shape Ups. 

*Included in haircuts we trim mustaches, eyebrows, and ears. For a finishing touch we straight razor the side burns and around the neck*

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